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MOCI issues a ministerial decision approving 3 standard specifications for furnace fuel, fuel oil

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Sun, 8/7/2018

HE Dr. Ali bin Masoud Al Sunaidi, Minister of Commerce and Industry, issued ministerial decision no. 122/2018 approving a number of foreign standard specifications. It determined standard specifications ASTM D 648-16, for the industrial furnaces fuels made of used oil of cars, ASTM D 6823-08 -2013 for commercial furns fuel manufactured from used car oils and ASTM D 396-15 standard for fuel oil.

These standards are aimed at setting specific terms and conditions for the fuel oil and regulating their circulations   as fuel for furnaces in addition to protecting environment.

The fuel oil used for heating is known as an petroleum fluid appropriate for producing heat through combustion in an oven and turning into vapor or spray. These specifications include chemical properties and physical properties required for fuel oil such as viscosity, density, spilling point, flash point, ratio of chemicals and etc. These specifications also include different grades depending on the performance of each of them and according to the basic component of the grade. About 25% of lubricants are used.

The used oil is considered hazardous waste and should be disposed by proper means such as reuse for other purposes as fuel for boilers and large furnaces, provided that the appropriate standards are met for suitable use. This fuel can be used in commercial heaters, combustion engines, and some marine purposes. Finally, it is never used in vehicle engines or in domestic heaters.

The article 2 of the ministerial decision stipulates that an administrative fine of not more than RO 1,000 shall be imposed on anyone who violates the provisions of this decision. The penalty should be doubled in case of repeated violation. The decision in its article 3 has decided that six months after publication of it in the official gazette, it would be imposed.

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