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‬ Labs of MOCI examine 622 samples during Q1 of 2018

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Sun, 2/9/2018

The laboratories of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry examined 622 samples during the first quarter of 2018, compared with 744 samples of the same period of the previous year, according to the statistics department of the ministry. These examinations were done by the chemical laboratory, general chemical laboratory, physics laboratory, construction materials laboratory, microbiology laboratory and the household appliances laboratory.

The number of samples examined in the chemical food laboratory was 28.The general chemical laboratory examined 211 samples, physics and building materials examined 92 samples, microbiology laboratory tested 257 samples, and household appliances laboratory tested 34 samples.

The ministry also said that the microbiology laboratory recorded the largest number of samples tested during the first quarter of this year. It is followed by the general chemical laboratory because of the samples received by it from companies, factories and individuals for tests.

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