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Electronic transformation of the procedures of Gulf certificates of origin

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Sun, 5/8/2018

Ministry of Commerce and Industry: Procedures for the completion of transactions of Gulf certificates of origin at borders crossings in Buraimi being monitored

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is closely monitoring the procedures for completion of Gulf certificates of origin at the border crossing points. The work is being carried out through the directorate general of commerce and Industry in Al Buraimi governorate, in cooperation with experts from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and the Directorate General of Customs of the Royal Oman Police. This is as a result of transformation from the paperwork to electronic procedures through "Invest Easy" portal.

The aim of the transformation of the service of application and issuing of Gulf Certificate of Origin into an electronic service was to make the procedures easy for those who seek these certificates as well as the companies and establishments working in the area. It has made the process of issuing of these certificate faster without any requirement to visit the ministry or directorates. It is creating appropriate environment to stimulate investments and save time and efforts.

Khudaim Bin Saeed Al Raisi, Director of Commerce and Industry in Al Buraimi governorate said: "Gulf Certificates of Origin (all types of agricultural and natural products) are now available round the clock through "Invest Easy" portal, through self-service or service delivery offices called Sanad. The ministry is currently pondering over the idea of granting the powers to the customs clearance offices also to provide the service. It has became necessary to give the approvals simultaneously at the time of application through this service. Therefore, there is continuous contact with the specialists in the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and Public Authority for Mining for coordination as some of the applications moved electronically require approvals.

Khudaim Al Raisi said that in this regard, the ideas have been taken from some service offices and exporters of the governorate. They also explained the challenges they face. This will ease the process of completing the transactions directly from the border crossing points without any delay. This will be easy because some of the  agricultural products can be damaged if waited for long hours for approvals.

He said that the ministry was ready to take all necessary measures in its jurisdiction to provide all necessary services and monitoring of the movement of the goods of exports and imports. This is leaving positive impact on the economic activities in general.



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