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Standard specifications help in strengthening national economy

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Sun, 8/7/2018

The standard specifications effectively contribute in ensuring safety and health of the society and the environment. It also strengthens ability of the national economy for competition and achieve the objectives to meet future needs as per national developmental plans and policies. The approved standards of all sectors benefit the economy in the long term.  There are standard specifications for testing and examination. Similarly, there are standard specifications for units and basic measurements. For services, there are standard specifications. Also there are production and operation standards, standards for specifications, standards for terminologies and symbols, packaging, transportation and distribution.

Hiba bint Yassir bin Saud Al Mazruiah, chemical products’ specifications expert in the Directorate General of Standard Meteorology of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, said that the if the factory or the producer follow the approved standard specifications, it contributes in reducing wastes in the raw materials, and allows advertisement and claim that the product was according to the standard specifications. It also increases the capacity of operating equipments and tools. The ratio of production of defective equipments also comes down and make it strong competitor of the imported goods as there are equal standards and specifications. If the standard specifications are complied inside the factory, it also ensures safety and security of the production workers.

Follow standard specifications:

She said that if a trader in the producing country follows the standard specifications, it reduces their time and effort with the competent authorities. In addition to this, it increases exports due to its quality level and stability of the clients under a mutual system. It helps in avoiding mistakes and problems in supply, if referred to the specifications of that country.

Trade exchange:

Hiba Al Mazrouiah said that the compliance with the approved standards makes the movement of trade between countries easy. This rejuvenates international trade without any hurdles. This is because, they are done on the basis of internationally accepted standards under international trade agreement. It also helps reducing discrepancies in the level of the quality of goods and services.

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