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MOCI patented device of energy production from water molecules

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Mon, 16/4/2018

The MOCI has registered a patent for a device producing energy from water molecules. The Ministry is trying to create a competitive business environment for the private sector to contribute effectively to the development of the national economy. In light of this vision, the intellectual property department plays a major role in disseminating information of intellectual property rights to maxima its benefits, by organizing lectures and workshops highlighting the role of the ministry in this regard. It is encouraging researchers and workers in scientific and research institutions to submit their innovative ideas and projects and facilitate the transfer of technology from scientific and research institutions to the industrial sector.

"The invention of this device was done to get energy from varied resources, so that the energy is clean for the environment and is economical and low cost compared with the currently available energy resources,” said Duha bin Jamal bin Hilal Al Barwani, a patient holder.

He added: The main objective of the registration of the invention in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry was to protect the idea from ​​theft. I was obsessed with the idea of being a partner in contributing to the development of the economic system of the Sultanate.

Duha Al Barwani said: "Through social media, I knew from the beginning that how to register patents in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. But I did not have enough information about these procedures, but when I went to the ministry I learned a lot about the importance of registering the patent.” He said that patent protects and enhances the economic interests and position of the owners of it in the market. It also guarantees return on investment and every use of  licenses.

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